Roadside Kitschy

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The Unofficial start of summer is just around the corner. Yep, most people view summer starting Memorial weekend and ending with Labor Day weekend.
Minnesotans will make plans to go “Up Nord.” To translate for those of you that don’t speak Minnesotan it means- Go up north to the cabin. On long weekends going up Nord can mean sitting for hours in traffic jams and trying to follow obscure detour signs due to the most popular activity of a Minnesota summer, road construction.
After years of participating in this activity of spending half of my long weekend trapped in my car, crawling Nord, I no longer participate. Being the nonconformist, I try to be, I do not travel to Nord for long weekends of the summer. I do go up Nord but on the off weekends. I find less traffic and rather do I have to add hours, not minutes, to reach my destination.
You may be wondering what we do on our long weekends or just for the heck of it. We go out to find what I call roadside kitschy. There are no words that can describe how much I love kitschy roadside attractions. These attractions can be giant animals, people, or just strange stops along a beautiful drive. I plan on sharing a few over the summer.
I will share my adventures of finding these kitschy roadside treasures. A few are not eventful. Others have me and whoever I dragged along, filling out our last will and testament on a candy bar wrapper.
I have taken family and friends on these road trips to roadside kitschy with different experiences on the journey to the destination.
The arrivals to these curiosities of the backroads can be a delightful surprise and filled with laughter. Other times we stand with our backs to each other for safety. Have you ever felt like you walked into a sci-fi movie? I have. To be honest this happens a lot on these treks to the kitschy.
Many of the sights I will be talking about can even be something to do on a date night depending on where you live.
The one thing I have learned doing these little travels to kitschy is the journey is the best part. Even the companions I drag kicking and screaming with me, continue to tell the story of the adventure I forced on them.
The best part of these stories is the laughter that continues long after the journey has ended.

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