My Legs Need Shaving Summer Has Arrived

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There are many ways to say when the beginning of summer has arrived.
The meteorological summer started on the first of June, lasting 92 days. Summer ends on the last day of August. Basically follow the unofficial start and end of summer, Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. The astronomical start of summer is the Summer Solstice on Tuesday, June 21, 2022. Summer hangs around until the Fall Equinox is on September 23, 2022.
I know when summer begins by the awaking of my hair follicles. My hair quits growing in the fall. A haircut will last from November to March. Shaving legs or underarms only requires to be done on special occasions. Basically, my hair follicles go into hibernation.
One would think this is a blessing but here is the problem. I haven’t been in the habit of shaving my legs, armpit, or anywhere else for months. I almost forget that I need to shave.
Mid May the warmth returned to Minnesota and I dared to leave the house in a sleeveless shirt. I had shaved. The moment I put on that sleeveless shirt my hair follicles jump out of hibernation. They don’t tell me either.
I raise my arms to get something off the top shelf at a store and I realize there was a small angora hamster living in my armpit. Both armpits! I shaved that morning knowing I was going to cast my self-loathing of saggy underarms to the wind and go out in public with a sleeveless shirt. It had only been 2 hours! I spent the rest of my shopping adventure with my arms tight against my side. I checked when alone in the aisle to make sure my overzealous hair follicles didn’t sprout baby hamster anywhere else.
This happened in late May.
The start of summer was confirmed later that night when I came in from the garden. A very aggressive mosquito bit me through my garden gloves. Mosquitos love my blood. Must be all the chocolate I inhale. I have been used as a mosquito repellent at summer outdoor gatherings. I am given the comfy chair and as the mosquitos join the festivities everyone moves several feet away from me to be mosquito-free.
Later that I got ready for bed that night the beginning of summer was confirmed as I spied what I first thought was a new mole in my cleavage. On closer inspection, it was not a new mole but a tick that had nestled himself in my cleavage. Who gets a tick in their cleavage?
Many of you will mark the beginning of summer on Tuesday. Summer started for me that day in May in the soup aisle of the grocery store.

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  1. You are too funny! Small angora hamsters in your armpits, lol!!! That sucks about the tick in your cleavage – I’m just glad you found it.

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