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Darwin Minnesota Largest Ball Of Twine

Today we are going to look into the fascinating world of the largest ball of twine. I have been to one of the 4 largest balls of twine. In Minnesota, the largest ball of twine is located just a hop skip and a jump from Minneapolis in Darwin Minnesota. I think I should mention that 3 other states claim to largest ball of twine. However, you could crisscross the United States seeing all kinds of large balls of twine, string, yarn, barbwire, and quite possibly dental floss.
Back to Minnesota’s Largest Ball of Twine. I have visited this ball on two occasions. Not to insult the biggest ball of twine it’s not something I feel you need to visit more than once but I got new information. I found out that since my previous visit that Weird Al Yankovic made a song that you can listen to it here, (114) The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota-Weird Al Yankovic – YouTube The town of Darwin named a street after Al. I convinced my hubby that since he did not partake in the last adventure to the largest ball of twine we needed to go. His life would not be complete until he saw the Largest Ball of Twine in Minnesota.
That trip to Darwin was not as eventful as my first pilgrimage to the largest ball of twine in Minnesota. Hubby and I did the tourist pictures as you see. Yet, the adventure lacked the excitement of my first visit to The Largest Ball of Twine in Minnesota.
So let me tell you about my first visit to the big ball. I decided one hot July day several years ago I needed to get out and do something different. I took my youngest son along. He was at that tender age. His social life was dependent on me say yes or no. So that day my son and I traveled to Darwin Minnesota.
It was early afternoon when we arrived at the Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota. (Sorry I am listening to Weird Al’s song as I write and it is the Largest Ball of Twine) Darwin is a small town and the ball of twine is located at the end of their main street.
There were cars parked on the street but not one person. I parked near the ball of twine. My son and I got out of the car. The air was thick and wrapped the heat of the day around us. There were no sounds. No birds, dogs, kids laughing as they ran through the sprinklers. A feeling of foreboding filled me. We were only off a major road by a few blocks but could not hear a single car.
I felt like I had entered a Stephen King novel. Something was going to get us. I forced myself to believe that it was my overactive imagination and took my son’s hand and said, “Let’s go get pictures.”
The funny thing was my son was at that age where you don’t hold your mother’s hand in public, yet there we were crossing the street holding hands. It reminded me of when I would go with friends to a haunted house and we would all hold hands not to lose each other to the scary things.
We both relaxed as we read the history of the big ball of twine. I attempted to take pictures but no matter what side or how close I went the Largest Ball of Twine never clearly showed up. It was as if the ball didn’t want to be photographed.
My son asked if he could take a few pictures. As I was handing him the camera, we both turned and looked up the street. There was an enormous black dog just sitting in the middle of the street. The dog kept looking at us. Cocked his head and continued to watch us. To add to the eerie effect the transparent heatwaves swirled around him.
My son and I looked at each other questioning if the dog was a sign for us to leave. We looked back towards the dog. He was gone. We both shared that we had an odd creepy feeling. My son took a few pictures. He too couldn’t get the ball of twine to clearly show up.
I had gone to the website of Darwin Twine Ball Museum, and the museum was to be open until 4:30 pm. So, we crossed the road. As we looked both ways to cross the street in this unnerving town, the big black dog was back and closer. I could see he had one blue eye and one gold eye. He cocked his head at us as we crossed the street.
Once we climbed the stairs to the museum or store, I looked back towards the dog, yep, he was gone. Increasing the feeling that I was in a horror movie.
The museum or store was closed but we could call the posted number, and someone would come and open it for us. I was about to ask my son if he was interested in calling when we both saw the dog several feet from us.
My son voted to wait for another time. I handed him my car keys and told him to walk to the car. I wanted to keep an eye on the dog. My son left, the dog stared at me with those eyes. I backed up keeping my eye on the dog. The dog cocked his head again then moved his head to see around me. I turned to follow what the dog seemed interested in. He was watching my son get to the car. I looked back at the dog. I wasn’t surprised he was gone.
Not to say I am a chicken, but I ran to the car. The dog appeared without sound and disappeared in the same you are in danger silence.
I was sure once I put the keys in the ignition the dog would appear on the hood of my car. Isn’t that what normally transpires in a horror movie? He didn’t appear again as we drove out of town. Nor did he appear several years later when my Hubby and I returned.

Hope this post was up your alley for a kitschy road trip!

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