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The holidays have begun. I know that statement may have made a few of you hyperventilate. Take a deep breath. Relax. Many reports are saying that due to supply chain issues, gifts may be delayed.
That is great. Use it to your advantage. Here’s how.

Example 1: Aunt Edna is hard to buy for. She hates everything or loudly proclaims after unwrapping your gift she already has it and tosses it aside. This year you can wrap up a note that says;
Due to the Supply Chain issues, your gift is sitting on a ship in the harbor. It will be delivered to you upon making land. So now you have the whole day to hear what she wanted.
Of course, that is not full proof because she will complain you should have planned better. But at least it’s a new complaint you haven’t heard for the last twelve years.

Example 2: Give a jar full of coins. Merchants are saying there is a coin shortage. The reality is that people are using cards more, less cash. Put that jar of coins by your washer to good use and slap a
label on it. Here are a few examples of what the label could say:
*This jar contains the elusive exact change.
*A jar full of wishes.
*The jar is the home of the endangered coin.

Stay away from the idea of the White Elephant Gift. Odds are you will put that creepy clown statue in the White Elephant Gift, and Aunt Edna will recognize that she gave it to you last year. The rest of the day will be extremely uncomfortable.

Example 3: Give the gift of memories. Do an activity every season. Sledding in the winter, the zoo in spring, summer an outdoor concert, and pumpkin patch in the fall. Those are a few ideas but come up with your own that fit the person you are giving the gift to. Putting Aunt Edna on a sled has a bit of Ethan Frome to it. Think about the person and what they like to do, and the activity will come to you.

The holidays are a time to be with the ones you love. Keep it simple. Maybe everyone can pool their money and send Aunt Edna on a cruise. A gift for you and Aunt Edna.

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  1. Love you, Moe. Unfortunately, or fortunately, gifts from you are awesome! If it ever gets extreme, I will let you know!

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