Don’t Judge Me

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It’s early morning. I am the only one up. Even my dogs are snoring on the couch. I am looking at my emails. I am drawn to a particular email. I know it is not the right time for, shall we say, this type of adventure. It’s tempting. Do I open it? It could cause problems. I continue down the emails and delete all but that one. Yet, that email continues to beckon me to open it. If I do open it, I know it will open a can of worms. In other words, trouble.
I decide to peek. What will it hurt? No one will know. I open the email. There are pictures of my candidates. An electric wave of excitement runs through my body as I read what each candidate has to offer me.
This one loves the cold weather. Loves the outdoors—a win for someone who lived in Minnesota her whole life with no plans of moving soon.
The next is very independent and likes small groups. Not sure about that one.
The outrageous hairdo on the next one shows that this candidate isn’t a crowd follower. Confident.
Candidate number 4 is into foraging. Does that mean my garden with flowers will be eaten?
I page a few more, passing on the one stating the candidate can be a bit flighty. Another I flipped past stated, overly protective/domineering description.
Active disposition was another pass. I kept seeing myself running around a lot to keep up with the candidate.
The big winner description read Calm and friendly demeanor.
The other winner used intriguing words of high-performance, protective but calm personality.
No, I am not looking at the Silver Fox Single web. My online catalog arrived from the hatchery, and I’m deciding which chickens I want to add to my flock.
You have a dirty mind if you thought it was something like Silver Fox Singles.

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