Grateful Thanks

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Thanksgiving is at the end of the week. A friend asked if I mind that my daughter-in-law and son now hosting this holiday.
I am thankful that they are willing to host. My daughter-in-law, let’s call her A. It slows my typing to putting all those dashes between words. Besides, she was brave enough to marry into this family, and she is more a daughter to me. But that may confuse a few people.
A is a cross between Julia Childs, Martha Stewart, and Pinterest. All her culinary creations are divine. Her décor is meticulous. Well, everything is perfect. A warm and inviting day is assured.
She and my son must run around and go grocery shopping, trying to get the best price for a turkey.
I was at a birthday party, and the topic was where to get the best price for a turkey. How long can you keep a frozen turkey? Can you have it at Christmas if bought now? It wasn’t just a quick conversation of turkey per pound. We returned to the subject several times during the celebration.
My son and A must worry about people’s food allergies, not responding to invite until Thanksgiving morning or deciding to hold dinner for the chronically late guest, or starting without them.
I can leave dirty dishes in my sink, put on my coat, and drive over the river and through the woods to their house. I arrive carrying the food that is requested by them and enjoy a lovely day. I also savor the week before not having to clean my house, grocery shop, and field calls from guests. Yes, I have been nagging A on what to bring, sorry.
I am thankful for A taking this holiday. It is a gift. I get to be a guest. I have not been a guest in a couple of decades.

I know this holiday is in good hands. So I gladly hand over my turkey baster to A.

Happy Thanksgiving. If you are a guest, appreciate all your host’s work and help clean up. If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, may no one witness if the turkey drops on the floor. No witnesses. You can pick it up and serve it.

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