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The one thing I remember from my college English class is most of the author’s works of literary genius were on some form of drug or alcohol enhancement. My professor, who looked like he never left Woodstock, felt the use of these helpers opened the author’s creative flow.
I bring this up because I recently had surgery and would be on painkillers. I thought this would be a great opportunity to get some fresh if not off the wall ideas to write about in my blog.
Placing pens and several notebooks in spots where I may slumber, I was going to experiment with this idea.
Reading over the scribbled notes it didn’t work. One day it looked like a shopping list. Oranges, toilet brush, pot roast, and tuba that sounds like a piano.
The next day was a little more detailed. The body moved and shook in all different directions.
I remember dreaming but not what the dream was all about.
Not one to give up I tried one more time. I told myself I was going to remember my dreams and write them down before I fell asleep.
The next morning there were full sentences scribbled on my notebook. It read: The faces danced in front of me as I stood on a banana peel. Remember to change the ringtone on phone. The ostrich is hiding in the cupboard.
I don’t think I have the makings of a literary novel that college students would be forced to read and find all the symbolism, metaphors and interpreting my inner literary genius.
I found that if you didn’t agree with what the professor had decided all the symbolism and stuff you were destined for a low C for a grade. I found that out on my last paper in that English class. After I spewed what the professor wanted the last line I wrote: Melville is in heaven sitting with Poe and Twain and is saying, “For God sakes, it’s just a dam whale. Nothing more.” I believe I only got a D on that paper.
Sorry for the detour to my college memories. Back to me trying to be a literary genius. It is obviously not in my skill set. I am okay with that because I have an ostrich hiding in a cupboard and I want to find out why.

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