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I don’t want to depress you. That is what social media and the news’s sole purpose. However, I have always tried to find the bright side of things and even in a pandemic, there are some bright sides. You may need to dig deep but they are there just waiting to be found.
Many people hoped that on January 1, 2021, we would wake up and 2020 was the Who Shot JR dream episode. It was all a dream or nightmare. If you have no clue what I am talking about, ask your parents. You are too young to remember how everyone in the USA sat in their living room waiting to see who shot a fictional character, JR Ewing, on the television show Dallas.
Now back to what I was writing about. 2020, Corvid is not a television show and here we are still battling an invisible foe.
Yet, there is a possibility to find some good.
The good thing I think COVID taught people how to sneeze and cough. At the onset of COVID, I would see a post on Facebook teaching people to sneeze in the shoulders or crook of their elbow (Vampire sneeze). The thing is so many people would put in the comments “I didn’t know that. Good to know.” “I sneeze in my hands. I guess I will try this.” Yikes! With that insight, I understand why we can’t stop the common cold.
Sneezing/coughing etiquette aside COVID has helped in the area of rude public cell phone use. You know what I am talking about, you are looking at toothbrushes. Deciding if the toothbrush that cost $5.00 is better than the $2.00 and you hear, “Excuse me.” You turn and see another shopper glazed eye looking at you. You respond in some polite way only to have the person rudely point to the phone they are holding to their ear. They turn away and they talk on the phone, “Say that again, someone thought I was actually talking to them. I know can you believe it?” The first few times this happened I felt I was back in Junior High.
Then came the earpieces. The same scenario but now if you responded to the person you would get a condescending look as they pointed to their new gadget. Yep, I felt like I was reliving Junior High. I have heard intimate conversations throughout stores. Someone asking for her sister to cover for her so she could meet up with someone other than her husband. I have gain knowledge of a stranger’s hemorrhoid and prostrate condition. We all have these stories.
What are these people thinking? They are cool? They are important because they must be on their phones.
People now wear masks. Very seldom do I see someone on their phone. If I do it is usually someone trying to figure out what brand of soup or deodorant the person on the other end wants. It a quick and slightly loud conversation. Masks muffle.
I love it. I no longer have to endure the condescending look as they point to their ear or say that I actually thought they spoke to me. Basically, I don’t feel like I am in Junior High with the cool kids thinking they are cool, and I am a dweeb.
Nope rude cell phone users are the dweebs. They never left Junior High and COVID knocked them out of the store.


  1. Love it … so true! Also, Mona, I’m glad I’m not alone – I’ve done the same thing, talked to a person with an earpiece in their ear thinking they’re talking to me, but they’re not!

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