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              I believe my computer has a tribe of evil gremlins living in it. These little buggers are trying to drive me insane with their perverse antics. I picture these little gremlins congratulating each other’s mischievous acts over some frothy drinks.  They think they have won.  They are wrong.

              I found some mistakes in my first blog post. I know I double and triple checked my first posting on my blog.  I hit the save changes so many times it wore out. That didn’t work.  The subscribe button disappeared along with the linking buttons to Facebook and Pinterest. I know linking button isn’t the actual names of those buttons.  I was wrong I looked it up they are referred to as buttons. Ha! The term widgets came up during my quest but my understanding I that is for the blog itself.  Ways to manage the blog, links to pages or calendars.

              Doubt has whispered in my ear. Telling me I should have learned more before posting.  Well, how else am I going to learn if I don’t figure it out?  Over an hour I kept looking at the site to see what I had done wrong. I became one with the curser or more to the point I was cursing up a storm.  I was thankful I didn’t give up swearing as a New Year’s resolutions. Heck two years running I haven’t done New Year’s resolutions but that is for another time.   

              After another hour I brought in my big guns.  My computer savvy hubby and son.  Guilty, joy filled me when the two didn’t quickly come to the answer on why or how to make this happened. Many times, when I enlist their help on a computer issue, they hit one key and ta-da it is fixed.  They explain, my brain freezes and refuse to file this tidbit of information for future reference.

              My plan Dear Reader of my blog is to figure it out and share my findings with you in easy-to-follow steps. It will happen.  I swear!

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